Tracy Aviary Passes Just for You!

Ready for a back to school adventure with your kids? Tracy Aviary connects people with nature through the world of birds. With more than 135 species and 400 individual birds on display, guests are able to wander our 8 acres and appreciate the ... [ Read More ]

Faith Friday: You only live once

What I love about life is it can always change. If I don't like something, I can change it. I can choose. However, the underbelly of this idea of choice is that, if I am always learning, then that means that yesterday I was not as informed as today. ... [ Read More ]

The Culture of Burnout

When I was in college, my friend nicknamed me Magellen, the explorer. I loved to delve into emotions, moments, experiences, adrenaline and have an adventure. I loved finding and meeting new people and seeing the world from their perspective.  Life ... [ Read More ]

10 Weeks of Summer – What to do?

While I am basking in my 9 days of summer, I know some of you, while excited to be done with schedules and homework, will begin to lament about what to do with 10 weeks of summer?! Well, I just read a fabulous article in my local newspaper that might ... [ Read More ]

Three Things I Need in a Summer Vacation

Summer comes with all it's fabulous exploring and the wide open time to curiously curate your life and experiences. It makes me giddy just thinking about the possibilities. Granted, we are on year round school and my daugher has a total of 9 days off ... [ Read More ]

Words that Dripped Off the Pages

the writing process

When I was in elementary school, we had a writing contest every year. I wrote stories, bound then in a hard bound book and submitted them. For four years, I won my school's writing contest and became better and better in the writing process. As a ... [ Read More ]

To Be a Mother

Our lives are intertwined. She chose to have me. She chose to raise me. She didn't have to - but she did. And today, she chooses a relationship with me even though sometimes we don't see eye to eye or we hurt one another. Sometimes it's complicated ... [ Read More ]