Timeshares and Dr’s Appointments

I know I have committed the cardinal blogging sin….having a blog and not writing on it. Here are some thoughts of late:

1. Tonight I went a lecture from a world renowed columnist. On one side of me was a gentleman who had this thing for his mouth. He would touch his lips, rest his fingers on his lip or chin. Then he would do some kind of sucking thing…was he biting his teeth, flossing, nervous habit. Whatever it was it really bugged me.

On the other side of me the lady tried to queitly unwrap a breath mint. It took FOREVER! I wanted to yell at her to get it open already…that just because she was trying to be quiet doesn’t mean that she was…that unwrapping slowly had no less sound effect then unwrapping fast!


2. Went in for my doctors appointment. I have 3 months until the baby comes. I had some questions for my doctor and after leaving I had a realization – in every other aspect of my life I am bombarded with marketing material as to why I should buy or try or waste time on something. Everything that is except medicine. Most doctors have no idea how to talk to someone who isn’t a doctor – I mean really what are those words you are saying? If your talking about my body could we use words I understand and don’t need 7 years of medical training for?~!

And I have spent longer in a timeshare sell then the time my doctor took to explain the option to birth a small child FROM MY BODY! I mean really! She looked at me and said, now you know the options….um…what? I had just clued in to what she was talking about and she was already done?

I have never been a fan of health care reform but I am beginning to wonder.

3. Family planning – if you aren’t God or my husband, I don’t want to hear your opinion on this. Really why is it your business anyway? If you really believe people are so innovative and creative and wonderful then what is the problem with adding more to the earth? Why can’t we come up with ways to deal with more people that doesn’t include playing God in other people’s lives? Overpopulation just does not make sense to me.


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    It is always so frustrating when you pay for something, and other people make the experience less enjoyable. Sorry you had to deal with that on your night out! Just remember our favorite Sartre quote – which I won’t repeat here… 😉

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    Hmm. So you are in favor of populating the earth, right?:) Mindy told me about the documentary “The Business of Being Born” (there is a website if you want to see the preview). You might find it interesting. It’s always fun to read your thoughts–thanks for sharing.

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    I need to make a list for the doctor. I am in and out in 15 min. generally speaking. It is my first and I have no idea about anything…people will ask me questions like how big did I measure…and I am like…I don’t know. My doctor comes in all confident smiles and says…your doing great ANY QUESTIONS? and I stutter…uh no….even though just a half hour before I had a million running through my head. sigh.

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    Ann – I totally get that feeling! I have started to write down my questions and take my notes into the doctor and make sure I ask them all- it has helped me feel a little more informed!

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