Pregnancy Food Cravings

Okay – so it is true – I am past the phase where everything makes me sick and all smells are offensive. However, I still have some items rise to the top when it comes to palatable.

1. Einstein Bagels – It is their egg and cheese sandwich on an Asiago bagel. I haven’t even stepped foot in a bagel shop for years, but one day, in my minds eye, I saw the bagel. And nothing could deter me from finding one. Plus, I still can’t stand the smell or texture of home cooked eggs, but I like eggs, so this is a good way around that. Every day for about two weeks, I would have a cranberry juice and a egg and cheese sandwich on Asiago bagel. Yum!! Timing sometimes gets in my way because we usually go after naps and the stupid bagel place closes at 4pm. 4pm really. I even had to venture downtown to the bagel shop because they were open till 5pm, but they didn’t have cranberry juice or asiago. GRRRR.

2. Dairy Queen/Article Circle – Normally I am not a fast food fan. In fact, I really can’t stand most of it – ever. However, Riley and I have become addicted to the courtesy cones – twirl – at Article Circle and the baby cones – vanilla at DQ. Again, one day, it just popped into my head and the only satisfaction I found was when I finally had one in my hands. Yum!!

Most all other foods are a take it or leave it. Most meat still grosses me out. I am drinking lots of water – lots and lots – and find I like a little Sprite now and then as well. This new one inside me is an active girl always kicking and mashing her head in my ribs. After sitting on the floor for a while bending over and playing cars with Riley, she definitely lets me know it is time to get up and give her some room already!

So if you ever need to find me for the next 41/2 months….look in the bagel or ice cream shops!


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