A Day in the Life of a Lifestyle Blogger

Today, I am participating in a special round up of bloggers.  Fellow blogger, Taralynn of   Keep Moving Forward with Me is featuring a series this week of a Day in the Life of over 25 bloggers (food, travel, diy and lifestyle). It’s been so fun for me to read about my fellow bloggers and their creative processes. Shout out to Taralynn for creating such a great series and allowing me to be apart of it.

As for me, a Day in A Life usually starts with my 8 year old son staring at me intently while I am in bed and poking me.

“Mom, it’s time to get up. Come downstairs with me.”  He, the early riser, and his night-owl mother, me, always seem to be on opposite shifts of the universe. I get out of bed and go downstairs to make breakfast and inaugurate the beginning of the morning routine.  Homework, lunches, get 5 year old sister out of bed, comb her hair, and then they both race out the door for 8:35am school.


My kids on their walk to school in the mornings

Once the kids are in school, there are a few hours to have time to think, to meet up with friends and chat or run a few quick errands. Sometimes if I jump right on it, there are protected moments where I can write, or rewrite a draft of a post I am working on. Often a thought or an idea has been rattling around in my head and it just has to come out. Those kind of posts don’t take very long to write- they come out of me as if a rush on a wave and all I have to do is make sure I am typing fast enough. Other times, posts are challenging and I can’t find the right words or the pictures don’t crop correctly or the lighting stinks. Those posts are time consuming creative labors of love!

On my blog, I like to write about life – one story at a time. I also have created two ongoing series. The first started last year at ALT when Christy Turlington of Every Mother Counts challenged us to write the birth stories of our children. I took the challenge and the first in that series can be found here. The other series is Participate in Your Life. I feature individuals, families and groups that have deliberately decided to create their life. Some of examples of this series can be found with the Ortons or with Sharylann.

No matter what I am writing about, I like to spread out on my kitchen table to create. Lots of sunshine and room for imagination. I have a home office, but I am only in the back office when I am doing event and social media consulting work (my day job), so for a more personal creative project, I like a change of location.

On days I am not at work, once 11:30am hits and my kindergartener is out, my time is gone and I am in full mommy mode until bedtime. Soccer games, tutoring, homework, art, with a dash of my own work responsibilities thrown in and we are already to dinner, bath, stories and bedtime.

One of my favorite parts of the day is laying in bed with my kids just before they go to sleep. That is if I can make room for myself next to all their stuffed animals and such in their beds! But I love to hear about their day, their fears, their triumphs, all the goodness that really makes up their forming lives. We often look at the ceilings and see if we can find animals shapes or they give me a subject and we make up stories together. I love being there for those moments.

After the kids are in bed, it’s usually the dinner dishes that might not have been done earlier, sweeping the floor, starting a load of laundry. Or if it has been a particularly trying day, I kick up my feet and watch Desperate Housewives of Atlanta. They are entirely dysfunctional and I don’t have to think when I watch!!

If I have deadlines though, for my day job or other creative pursuits,  the TV is off and I work late into the night. I know though that without fail, my son is going to be poking me in the arm to wake up before the sun rises, so I have learned to have the discipline to shutdown the computer, even if things are unfinished, and go to bed. Because tomorrow we start all over again….

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