Happy Birthday to Me – Part 2 of NYC

Wahoo! Saturday in the City. My friend T and I met at the NYTimes Sq Ticket Office. It was FREEZING! However we were in good spirits. I purchased a matinee to this:

Seriously, I laughed, I cried. I wondered if 1/2 the audience was from Jersey because they were laughing out loud like it was a big old family dinner! Anyway, the story and music is amazing. Highly recommend it….unless you don’t like the F word and then don’t go.. because it has quite a few. However, I would have purchased another ticket and seen it again – so great.

From there, we stopped for NUMMY treats – falafel and french fries. Yep, right up my alley! And T let me explore the idea of free will and all of its ramifications. That is why I love T and we have been friends forever. Who else would sit in a small deli in lower NYC discussing life and its meaning with me? 🙂

Anyway, I need to open a franchise. The food was so good and simple…….

From there we took the subway back up to Times Square to see Anything Goes. The female lead had just won a Tony for her work in this show and you could tell. She was totally connected with the audience and sometimes I wasn’t sure if they were impovising or that is how it was meant to be. T was in heaven and half the fun was seeing how excited she got at her first Broadway Musical.

From there, I took her to the Stardust Diner. What is more after Broadway than milkshakes while your waiters sing and dance right above your head?
Seriously, one minute my waiter was handing me my salad and the next we was singing Phantom with a mask on. You just never know what you are going to get – and of, course I love that!! We stayed till 1am when it closed and then made our way back down the island to our hotel. And then we stayed up for several hours more chatting life, politics, religion, relationships and just general stuff!

Sunday was the next day and thanks to a fabulous app on my find called Church Finder, I found this:

Loved that no matter where I am, I can stop in and feel the Spirit.

Next I went to Chelsea Market. On the bottom are fun places to eat and shop. On the other floors is where the Food Network films some of it’s shows. Here is what I had for breakfast at RonnyBrook Dairy – a skillet with egg, shallots and arugla and a yummy side breakfast side salad. Yep, salad for breakfast – so REFRESHING!:
There were shops were you could bring your own container and fill them with different olive oils and salts. There was a place where you picked your chocolate you wanted, they shaved it for you and made gourmet hot chocolate for you on the spot. There were vegans eateries and gourmet bakeries. It made me want to open a space just like it in SLC!

From there, I met up with T, grabbed our bags and headed out. We walked right by the WTC monument. It was interesting.

We hopped on the train in NJ. T was headed up to Philly and I was flying out of Newark. Which by the way has gotten way more ghetto than I remembered it being. Good bye NYC. Thanks for the breathe of fresh air, the change of scenery and food and the reminder that the skies the limit. I made a pledge to ban the mediocrity in my life and live more fully. Here’s to next year!

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