Riley Update

So the boy is crawling up a storm. Yes, that includes eating any miniscule item of food I have left on the kitchen floor. Ach! Today I gave him a spice bottle to shake to occupy him while I finished dinner. Sure enough, he had it opened and all over ... [ Read More ]

Pattis Weekend Trip to San Diego

When I lived in Washington DC, Pam was my roommate for a couple of years. We had LOTS of talks, did LOTS of dancing and took some great roadtrips. A while after I moved to SLC, she moved to San Diego. So I was so glad to be able to see her again, ... [ Read More ]

The many faces of Riley boy

Riley loves bathtime. We have a lizard that really is a shampoo holder. He loves to chew on the tail....that is until he gags himself. Then he looks at Jed and I like why did we do that?! Another bath picture, but this shows off his baby pecs he has ... [ Read More ]

Where we have been….

Okay so who is slacking on posting things? Oh's me. :) Well here is the sum up on what has been keeping up busy lately -1) Riley has gotten his first cold. Alert! Alert! First time parents go to store and stock up on any and every remedy ... [ Read More ]

Two teeth and eating solids

Riley at the table in his high chair. He likes bananas and rice cereal, but still secretly prefers a good wad of milk every so often. His hands are always out like a bird trying to spread it's wings. Maybe he is hatching a plan to fly away from the ... [ Read More ]

Wiped out!

One morning Riley had been playing with me on the bed and I had just rolled him onto his side. I went to pick up another toy for him and when I looked, he was out, toy and all. Then, a couple days ago we put Riley in his swing for a nap and he fell ... [ Read More ]

Mom and Me and the Bottle makes Three

I love this picture. One night Riley just became fascinated with who was feeding him. It had never been an issue before, but this night he kept changing his head position so he could see my face. It was so sweet to me to know he is becoming aware of ... [ Read More ]

Man of La Muncha – 4 months

Ah, he is growing so big. Riley is known by many names, munch, man of la muncha, the muchinator, sweet pea, pea, riley roo, etc. Whatever we call him, we are privileged to get to love him. ... [ Read More ]


Well, let's just say we are taking life day by day here.I have been waiting a month to attend my first enrichment night at the church. I had bought what I thought was the needed crafty material and put a smile on and headed out the door. The place ... [ Read More ]

The Money Pit

Ack! So many of you are getting on my case for not writing very often lately. Well, Jed, Riley and I moved into our house on February 17, 2007. It is so big to me after living in such small places for so long. But we are here and trying to make it ... [ Read More ]