Don’t I Look Like Myself

This is what he looks like on good tummy time days! :)He is fascinated by the camera, but sometimes when I get shutterbug happy, he gives me funny looks like this one.... ... [ Read More ]

Some thoughts

Hello all!I have been so disturbed since watching a recent Oprah show about motherhood. I am not a big Oprah fan to begin with - but settled into watching it when Elizabeth Vagas was on to talk about quitting her anchor position to get to spend more ... [ Read More ]

Music in his Bones

So Riley will sing along with Jed in the car or la - la - la to my music in the mornings. Here is a pic of Jazz time with Grandpa Merrill. Grandpa swears that jazz is Riley's favorite. ... [ Read More ]

My Fathers Eyes

So everyone says that Riley looks just like Jed. This, of course, makes me feel a little shafted - afterall - who really was pregnant for 9 months, sick 5 of them and in labor for 24 hours? Hm? But I guess if there is anyone I would want my boy to ... [ Read More ]

RIley’s Blessing Day

Four generations of Cook men(from left to right) Grandpa Glenn Cook, Riley, Jed, Great Grandpa Cook - Pretty handsome bunch!Four generations on my side (from left to right) Great Grandma Ruth, Grandma Merrill, Riley and Patti - yeah for the mothers ... [ Read More ]

Car Seat Time

Hey - Hey - this process of liking my car seat is really trying sometimes! They make me put on a hat and gloves and get all bundled up. Sometimes though I fall asleep being nice and warm and really enjoy it. Don't tell mom and dad though! :) ... [ Read More ]

Mornings with Mr. Riley

Wow - I can't believe how much Mr. Riley is growing. Mornings are the most fun around 8am or so. Sometimes I am still in a sleep induced coma from lack of sleep, so I put Riley on the bed with me. He snorts, grunts, smiles big and laughs at even the ... [ Read More ]