Local Flair: Finding Good Places to Eat

Wandering around SLC, or wandering in general, is fun for me. Every moment I can, I like to wander and be curious about places and people. Recently my family and I, with Gma and Gpa Merrill, had the chance to stay downtown for several days and do a ... [ Read More ]

Dear 2014

Another year in review...goodbye 2014....hello 2015!  1. Several years ago I attended a conference at a local University. While walking across campus, I had a distinct impression, "Write your stories." It was as if a warm summer wind came down ... [ Read More ]

How I Found the Reason for the Season

Friday was an epic fail for me.  Christmas came and consumed me and spit me out whole. Brene Brown, famous author, mentions that "Connection is why we are here - how we are wired." But I have found this season that I am quite unconnected. It ... [ Read More ]

Faith Friday – My Name Used to Be Muhammad

This week in my neighborhood book club we read  My Name Used To Be Muhammad. My friend dropped off her copy one night around 8pm and by midnight I had devoured the 288 pages. I was fascinated by this man's perspective on life as a youth in ... [ Read More ]

Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?

Recently, a neighbor friend of mine taught Miss S about service. That day after S came home, I found her quietly doing acts of service for her family. When I asked Mr R to take some toys upstairs, S jumped in and said, "I can do that for him!" When ... [ Read More ]