Participate in Your Life: Meet Sharylann Smith

For the first in the Participate In Your Life Series, let me introduce you to Sharylann. She is a 33 years old college graduate, family breadwinner and giggler extraordinaire. Growing up with a father in the Navy, she moved all around the US and ... [ Read More ]

A mess of humanity – birth story 3

Somewhere between the time I found out I was pregnant with R and the time I had to leave the birth class at the hospital, I had been diagnosed with PRENATAL depression. Hence, instead of feeling the usual glow and happiness over having a new baby, my ... [ Read More ]

Our Little Lima Bean

She slapped my exposed belly after feeling around on it for a moment and announced, "You don't have cysts - you have a baby in there! I'd say about 9 weeks."  She looked at me expectantly. While my husband and I had looked forward to having a ... [ Read More ]

Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts I couldn't breathe. I wanted to back away. It was too close. Too intimate.  I set the baby doll down and walked out of the birthing class. I needed to walk and get some distance. I would go back, it was my ... [ Read More ]

I am…with a side of moxie

Boxes are bad. They make me uncomfortable and resistant. Why does there need to be four connected lines? It seems a bit too calculated to me. I am much more of a  -  or a .... type of gal. Me and Emily Dickinson could have been great ... [ Read More ]

Musings on ALT Summit 2014

 Garance Dore was the opening keynote speaker. What a lovely, gracious and personable lady. I truly felt like she was sitting down in front of 400 people and making all of us her best friend. Ah. Maz. Ing. I was a fan when earlier this ... [ Read More ]

Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful.

Sometimes I live small and not authentic. I'm not proud of this but it is true and human of me. I wrote a bit about this a while ago, here. This feeling of living small seems ironic coming from the girl who has taught life skills to prison inmates, ... [ Read More ]

Dear 2013

Dear 2013 - Wow, you were a blur. 1) After years of wanting to move (per the gypsy in me) we were finally able to make it happen. We had found good friends and neighbors and loved our home but it was time for a change. Jed and I talked about ... [ Read More ]

Participate in your Life – Part 4

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” ― Henry David ... [ Read More ]