My Moms Birthday: Sometimes you just need to be celebrated

My mom had a birthday in March. And since she is usually the one gathering all of us to celebrate all of our birthdays – I figured it was time we returned the favor. So I invited my brother and sister and their families to a surprise party for mom. She and Dad came over for dinner and all was going well…until my 3 year old started yelling for the birthday cake and candles (he had been at the store with me when I bought them!). I was trying to stall because it wasn’t time for the rest of the family to come…but as any of you know…stalling a 3 year old isn’t easy. We cut it pretty close, but in the end it was great and we were together.

Spontaneously we sat around my kitchen table and told memories about mom. My older brother Robert had us laughing. He told how they went to a ward function and ate green jello. Then later at home he remembers mom telling him that she was pregnant — for a long time he swore that green jello and babies went hand in hand!

My older sister Jana is a famous baker. A classic story is of her in high school, with a sweet tooth. She would bake brownies on top of the iron late at night downstairs in her room. Yes, she is creative and maybe that is because her memory was that mom always let her cook in the kitchen and try new things.

The grand kids all had ready memories of grandma from letting them stay up late, to helping them when they were sick. My mom really is the glue that holds our family together and it was fun to hear how she has affected every one’s lives. We love you mom!

Also in March, my older sister Nancy and her son Micheal had birthdays. So we took some time and called and sang Happy Birthday to them as well.

Happy Birthday Everyone! Here’s to next year!

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