His Beautiful Barbaric Yalp

Somewhere after Mr. NeckVein and Mr. Indian Angel, I progressed into labor, got an epidural and was ready for birth. I remember none of that. The only image in my mind is laying flat on the hospital bed. Jed is on one side; a nurse is on the other. ... [ Read More ]

Contraband Water – birth story 4

Disclaimer: The events of these days, while some are as vivid and personal as I had hoped they would be, most of the details of that time have disappeared from my memory. My memory of the time leading up to Mr R's birth is like a dark room that ... [ Read More ]

Our Little Lima Bean

She slapped my exposed belly after feeling around on it for a moment and announced, "You don't have cysts - you have a baby in there! I'd say about 9 weeks."  She looked at me expectantly. While my husband and I had looked forward to having a ... [ Read More ]

Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts I couldn't breathe. I wanted to back away. It was too close. Too intimate.  I set the baby doll down and walked out of the birthing class. I needed to walk and get some distance. I would go back, it was my ... [ Read More ]