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Driving Thursday night to this SLC conference, the thought kept coming to me, “What is most important to you?” With life so crazy sometimes, I feel like so many things are competing for my attention, yet sometimes the most important things get dumped to the bottom of the list. I felt like these days away at the conference might give me an idea of how to now only access WHAT was important but then also how to create a space around HOW to keep it important.

What is Most Important To You?

The opening day keynote speaker, Chris Jones, was the owner and creator of MyCore.com. It is a software developed to help you track your life according to your most cherished values. And if you don’t know your values? It helps you access them and then create accordingly. It is a beautiful visual calendar that can be coded according to your values and specifics tasks. I am super visual so this was brilliant for me. Looking back on any week or month I can see where I spent my time, if it is where I wanted to spend my time and then tweak the upcoming week or month accordingly. And yes, by the way, I signed up for it (on my Mac laptop and my iPhone, because I am a mobile junkie). If you are looking for such a program, check it out!

But the other, more personal, part of this man’s story is the journey of his young son’s muscular dystrophy and his eventual death of  heart failure. As this father shared this journey with us, Mitchell’s Journey, his heart and soul, he simply asked, “At the end (end of life, end of a season), what would you never want to let go of?” Powerful reminder to me of what is most  important.

Once You Know What is Important, How Do You Communicate it?

The second day of the conference, the keynote, David Mead, spoke based off of Simon Sinek‘s work –  the Golden Circle (why, how, what). For those of you who don’t know Simon look him up – watch all you can on him (his TedTalk is an all-time favorite) – he is amazing at interpreting human behavior – the why’s and how’s.

The Golden Circle basically is an example of how we talk about all the outside stuff but hardly ever the inside stuff. We talk about our kids, our lives, our hobbies but rarely talk about the WHY of what we do – our purpose, our cause, our driving beliefs. Those whys can be scary to uncover, to live by or to realize that our actions are not inline with what we actually, deep down believe about ourselves and the world or because we get caught up in trying to go through daily life that our WHY’s get pushed further and further away. If we are out of touch with our why/cause/purpose, we eventually can become disillusioned, unengaged and unhappy.

This talk resonated with me quite profoundly. I gave him a standing ovation. I believe in the why’s of things. I don’t want to know who you are so much as why you are. What has shaped you, held you together, taken you apart? What keeps you going in the moments when no one else believes in you? What moments did you have that almost burst your heart with pride? When was the last moment you laughed yourself silly? Those are the threads of life that fascinate me – I like uncovering the whys. I like seeing and hearing and feeling that moment that drives us to greatness, that breaks past all our fears, that gives us a glimpse into something much, much, bigger that we could be if we only we could keep in contact with what got us engaged to begin with.

It’s these moments, in my own life and others that I want to write about, to uncover, to celebrate.

What else did I learn from the conference?

I learned that Jyl Johnson Patee of Mom it Forward loves cheese and the phrase, “all the day long.” I liked her spunk when she stated, “If I can get in a room with you, I can sell you.” I respected that and it made me want to see her in action.

I learned that Cara from Maskcara believes in organic growth, keeping loyalty in a brand and bringing goodness into her life. She felt accessible and like I wanted to invite her to lunch and talk with her further about what she has learned in growing her business. She seemed to trust her own brand and have a good awareness about it.

I learned that Matt Cherry from IBlog Magazine that business is rolling forward and to jump on the bandwagon. I loved his approach of opening up the firehouse of information and spraying us with it. My notes from his presentation are not notes but actually specific to do’s that my mind got spinning around from hearing him speak. Plus, I enjoyed his comment that “Even if the dog is barking and the baby is streaking naked in the background, get on that business call. Life is not perfect and it’s okay to show that.” While not true in all professions, I did love the wiggle room of freedom that allowed for this particular industry.

I learned about Modify Ink, Apple Beer, Salt of the Earth and other sponsors and fell in love with the stories of WHY they do what they do. Hopefully in some upcoming posts, we can explore their inspiring stories.

So yes, I had a great time at BYBC. I would encourage any bloggers/writers to attend – I hear registration for next year is already open. 🙂


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