The Art of Conversation

In college, I had a roommate and friend who had a wit that was fast and sharp – and I mean that in all the best ways. I loved being around her because I swear she made me smarter. She could converse on any given subject and had a steady stream of comebacks that I so admired. We participated often in witty playful banter which over the years became full of inside jokes. 
My friendship with her snuck up on me but I was so happy that it did. We spent many delightful years conversing with each other and in return shaping my love of great conversation. I appreciate great conversationalist and love to be around them and participate with them.
Last night I had the pleasure of engaging in conversation with six women of varied backgrounds. Only two of them had I previously met but soon into the evening I found that the conversation flowed freely. Hours passed happily as we shared, gathered each other’s stories and threw wit around the table back and forth to each other. It was a delightful night.
On the drive home I remembered my many hours spent in conversation with my college friend and how much I love a good conversation. It renews and inspires me in so many great and creative ways. 
Over the years, I have found myself gathering women around me. I have organized neighborhood book groups, moms clubs that focus on deliberate parenting, and local produce swaps from my own garage.  In each instance, I love watching women’s lives and stories unfold. I love hearing the conversations, the laughter and even the silence as we work through things with each other. Often, after a gathering, I have looked at the clock and hours and hours have passed. What a happy feeling that is to me! 
So today is for conversations. Who do you want to get to know this week? Who do you love talking to and why? What makes a good conversation for you?

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