Three Things I Need in a Summer Vacation

Summer comes with all it’s fabulous exploring and the wide open time to curiously curate your life and experiences. It makes me giddy just thinking about the possibilities. Granted, we are on year round school and my daugher has a total of 9 days off before school begins again, but I will take what I can get!

I’ve got a whole summer’s worth of playing pent up in those 9 days…it’s time to hang on for the ride. Here are my top three things I want to do this summer vacation:

Annually we take a friend day trip to Bear Lake. We are in our 3rd or 4th year with this and my kids love it. We invite several families to come with us, meet there early, have a picnic lunch on the beach and then leave early or late or whenever we feel like it. My kids love the shallow water, the playing in the sand with friends, the carefreeness of summer. I love the sun, the playing frisbee in the water with the kids, the swimming out far, all alone, for a moment to enjoy the vastness.

Annually we have bbque and blow up things on the 4th of July. We line up chairs at the front of our house, have lemonade and cookies and commence the lighting things on fire. We invite friends and neighbors and sit, chat and try not to do anything crazy. Except there were a few summers where the more crazy the fireworks, the better…

And annually, we have gotten season tickets to the local amusement park. My husband has already been with the kids multiple times and we are going again next week. There is an old rickety white roller coaster that probably should be condemned but makes me bust a gut laughing every single time. It’s the way I am not sure it is going to stay on the tracks, the way it always throws me to one side or another and the way the hills still find me rising out of my seat involuntarily. It’s the silliness of it all. And then there is the rapids were you get drenched on a ride have my whole family giggling, pointing and pushing people around the boat for the driest spot. And last, but definitely not least, is the tilt o whirl. We have become masters of making it turn and turn and turn. The faster it goes the more the giggles fly off and land all around the ride as happy reminders of memories being made.

I can’t wait for summer…all 9 days of it to be in full swing. What adventures are you planning this summer?



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