Local Flair: Finding Good Places to Eat

Wandering around SLC, or wandering in general, is fun for me. Every moment I can, I like to wander and be curious about places and people. Recently my family and I, with Gma and Gpa Merrill, had the chance to stay downtown for several days and do a bit of wandering. Part of this wandering was trying several local places to eat in SLC. The joke between us was that every hour we would try a different type of food or place to eat; there are so many great options for food downtown. So many places – so little time. Here are just a few of the ones we tried this time around.

For lunch, we found a hipster cafe with a casual vibe and some great food. Located in the Pierpont District of downtown, The Rose Establishment is, in their own words, “a vegan friendly, direct trade, organic, scratch made” kind of place. Right up my alley!

Signage Outside the Rose Establishment
My smooth and flavorful avocado tartine

While their menu isn’t extensive at the Rose Establishment, we definitely found a few items that we would go back for again. Jed had the butternut squash soup. It was creamy, perfectly seasoned and silky smooth. I had the smashed avocado tartine on five seed bread with roasted tomatoes. The avocado was rich and velvety contrasted with the rustic bread that had lots of texture but was full of flavor. I loved every flavorful bite. This is a quirky place we would frequent again for a lunch date, a meetup or just an afternoon hangout over a cup of tea and some free wifi.

Next on our stop was around the corner at Bruges Waffles & Frites.  I admit, in full disclosure, that we have an affinity for the owner. When Mr. R was little we used to go to SLC downtown farmers market on Saturday morning. The Bruge Waffle guy was always so kind to our little boy, giving him waffles and making him laugh. His kindness formed a loyalty in us that turned into us frequenting his waffles often. Great marketing plan on his part! Now that he has his own store downtown SLC (on Broadway), we still stop in when we are downtown. Jed loves the french fries and I love the plain vanilla waffles with blueberries or strawberries and cream.

Bruges Waffles and Frites
Jed and Miss S enjoying the Frites

After the frites, we walked next door into Tony Caputo’s Market. Always a treasure to taste the samples of meat, cheese and chocolate that are usually displayed. There are usually combinations of foods that I want to try or have heard of but never seen. If you have never been there and you love food – especially Italian food – then you should wander down there and check it out.

Caputo’s Downtown SLC

While there, Mr. R was dying for a sandwich, so we stopped into their cafe and ordered a Muffaletta with ham and salami.  We did take the olive salad off of it but other than that, it was great and tasty! It was so pleasant inside that day, we ended up just hanging out and chatting there for a while. Very relaxing and enjoyable.

Enjoying a moment at Caputo’s with Jed

Have you been to any of these three eateries? What were your thoughts? What did you order and enjoy?

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