Want to Learn About Great Grandma Tilly? Giveaway today.

In the past 6 months, my husband and I have been able to learn more about our extended families, thanks to some great legwork from relatives of ours (shout out to Aunt Julie and Uncle Robert). I have learned where my nose shape and some of my fiestiness comes from (my grandma) and Jed has learned where his long legs come from (his great great grandpa). It’s been so fun to see pictures and learn the stories of those who came before us and how they have impacted our physical traits and personality characteristics. My brother even recently got his DNA tested and it breaks down for him by percentage his ancestral ethnicities. How cool is that?!
So with family history on my mind lately, it made me very happy to be chosen as a 2015 blog ambassadors for RootsTech 2015. Woot! Woot! Let’s tell some family stories! So in a couple weeks I will be sharing with you all about RootsTech 2015 and my experience there. I know, you’re excited! Me too!!

Enjoy multiple keynote speakers at RootsTech
What it also means is that I have the chance to giveaway a GETTING STARTED 3-DAY PASS (159.00 value) to RootsTech 2015. Now if you haven’t heard of this conference before, RootsTech is a global conference held every year in SLC for the purpose of furthering the cause of family storytelling and learning to celebrate family history. Whether you are a seasoned pro at learning about your ancestors or just getting started in this whole thing, this conference is an awesome experience to enlarge your understanding and your resources. 

Specifically this giveaway pass includes:

 Over 200 classes for all experience levels with topics ranging from the latest in DNA research to learning storytelling techniques. Click here to view the RootsTech 2015 schedule.

Access to the huge expo hall with hundreds of family history and technology exhibitors available to help you with such things as scanning photos, recording stories, building a family tree, and more.

General sessions with inspirational and nationally recognized keynote speakers and evening events, including the RootsTech closing social with the cast of Studio C from BYUtv and other popular entertainers to be announced.

So, in order to enter, please leave a comment on the blog or my Facebook page to be entered to win. You can share a trait you gained from an ancestor, a story about your favorite family member, or just your name. I will put all the participants in a drawing and then announce the winner on Friday morning. Feel free to share this opportunity with others. 
For more information about RootsTech 2015 or to buy a ticket for you or someone you love, click here (early bird pricing might still be available).
Thanks for participating. Hope to see you at the conference. It’s going to be epic!


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    I love family history but feel like every year I fall further and further behind with all the technology. Recently I have joined a few facebook groups for my ancestry and that is exciting! Loving your blog keep up the good work.

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    Thanks everyone for participating here and on Facebook! Tristan won the random drawing for the free ticket to RootsTech 2015. Congrats!! If anyone else still wants to go, I believe they still have some tickets available for purchase.

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